A Clean Start To The New School Year

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August is here. Summer break is almost over, and the first day of school will be here before you know it.

In the next few weeks, you will be getting new clothes and supplies to make sure you are ready for the school year to begin.

While you are out and about, now is also a great time to schedule a dental cleaning and examination before the school year starts again.

The team at Hubbard & Leath Dental wants to help you and your children get ready for the start of classes — without cavities or gum disease!

If you live near our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, in Troy, or anywhere in between, we invite you to give us a call.

One Less Thing To Worry About

You want to make sure your children have everything they need for the coming academic year. You also know how your schedule will change in the near future when your have to make time to take kids to and from practices, games, marching band competitions, and who know what else.

Before homework eats into your family’s free time, be sure your kids mouths are as healthy as they can be.

The best way to do that is with a professional cleaning and examination at our office.

If your kids are out enough for school, then they are most likely brushing and flossing their own teeth.

At least, you hope they are brushing and flossing like they are should.

One of our dentists or hygienists can give you children a thorough cleaning to remove any  plaque or tartar that has built up since their previous visit.

We will let you know if we see any problems, like tooth decay or gum disease, that needs to be treated soon.

We can take X-rays to check for any changes in the alignment of your children’s teeth.

This is something you really want to keep an eye on if your children have started losing their primary teeth and their permanent teeth are starting to erupt.

New Patients Are Always Welcome

We know that new families are moving into our area all the time, and we want to extend a welcome to you and your children. We enjoy meeting new patients, and we would love to become your new family dentist.

We welcome you to download our new patient forms so you can fill them out at home and bring them with you to your first visit. This can make your initial appointment a little smoother.

At our office, you will can expect quality, caring service from our friendly staff, along with state-of-the-art technology to make your dental care as anxiety and pain-free as possible.

We consider ourselves to be a comprehensive dental practice. What does that mean for you and your family?

To put it simply, you will have one place to go to meet virtually all of your family’s dental needs.

We put together an individual care sheet for each member of your family. If your youngest child likes to have blanket during his or her appointment, we can provide one.

If your oldest child is on the verge of needing braces, we can help him or her (and you) get ready for that treatment, emotionally and financially.

If your spouse has dental anxiety, we have multiple kinds of sedation dentistry to offer. This can help him or her remain calm and relaxed throughout a cleaning or other procedure.

Here When You Need Us

While we certainly hope you will never experience a dental emergency, we will do everything we can to help resolve the problem that same time.

If you call during our regular hours, one of our staff members can offer advice on what to do.

We also know that emergencies rarely happen at the convenient times. Even so, you should still call our number. We have a 24-hour answering service so we can address your problems any time, day or night.

And if you have questions about dental care or dental service, contact us with those questions, too, or better still, schedule a consultation so we can explain in person the options you have for dealing with cosmetic and restorative issues.

Start The School Year On A Healthy Note

As you prepare for the new school year, we want to encourage you to pay us a visit. We are sure you would prefer to know that your children’s teeth are healthy now as opposed to finding out in a month that he or she has developed a cavity.

To make an appointment at Hubbard & Leath Dental, call our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, at 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form.

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