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Your family’s health is your number one priority. It affects decisions you make about food, medicine, and healthcare.

That includes your family’s oral health. You want to find a dental team that will treat your family with concern, patience, and understanding.

You want a dentist’s office like Hubbard and Leath Dental, serving patients in Rochester Hills and the surrounding area.

We know your children are the most precious people in your lives. We want to keep their mouths healthy and keep you happy.

Come visit us

You’ll find a friendly staff and a comfortable setting when you enter our office.

We start seeing patients when they are 2 years old. When your son or daughter gets his or her first tooth, we want to start building a relationship.

Bringing you child to the dentist early can help them feel more comfortable about going to the dentist as they get older.

We strive to give your child a fun experience during his or her first visit. We try to make the exam fun by giving them a prize from our treasure chest, balloons, and special glasses. Your little one can even go for a ride in one of our exam chairs.

All children under 6 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This helps them feel more comfortable throughout their exams and their cleanings. Older children can come to the exam room by themselves.

As your kids get older, their oral care needs will change. As their adult teeth start to come in, we’ll keep a close eye on their development. Preteens and teens may also need braces.

We’ve learned that many children between the ages of 11 and 14 are ready to consider straightening their teeth. Depending on his or her needs, the teenagers in your family may benefit from any of our services, including:

• Traditional metal braces — These are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to straighten and keep them that way for a lifetime.

• Clear ceramic braces — For many patients, these are just as effective as metal braces, but less noticeable.

• ClearCorrect braces — These are the least visible way to straighten teeth we offer. Instead of wires and brackets, you will wear a series of clear, plastic retainers to gradually move your teeth into a straighter, healthier position.

As you may know, it’s also becoming more common for adults to undergo teeth-straightening care as well. We would be happy to talk to you or your spouse if you feel you may benefit from a straighter smile.

In any case, our braces will leave you and your family looking their best.

Cleanings and exams

A healthy mouth requires a team effort. At home, you and your family should remember to brush twice a day and to floss once a day. Remember that your dentist or hygienist is part of the team, too.

Routine cleanings and examinations are essential to keep your family’s teeth looking great and to identifying any problems before they become something serious.

For our new patients, you’ll receive a mug and a toothbrush as part of your welcome to our office. We’re always glad to see you, whether you are new to our office or long-time patients.

During your initial appointment, we’ll take X-rays of your teeth, and a hygienist will give your teeth a professional cleaning. Then, one of our dentists, Dr. Hubbard or Dr. Leath, will personally examine your mouth.

Lifetime care

In addition to our general dentistry, we also provide cosmetic and restorative services.

We know things happen. Maybe you didn’t keep up with your own oral care like you wanted because your focus was on your family.

Maybe you were involved in an accident that chipped away part of a tooth or even knocked it out, or maybe your teeth have become stained after years of drinking coffee and tea.

No matter your need, we have ways to help get your smile to what it used to be.

Our cosmetic and restorative services include:

– Veneers

– Crowns and bridges

– Dentures

– Dental implants

– Teeth whitening

– Dental bonding

– Tooth fillings

Perfect for your family

As part of your care, our dentists will design a personalized care sheet for each member of your family. This will help everyone understand what to do to keep their mouths healthy.

We work hard to make our waiting room comfortable, including something to drink while you are there. We also want to keep your time there to a minimum. We know you don’t want to spend all day at the dentist.

We set up our practice to be different. We designed our practice with families in mind. We want to be the place everybody — from your toddler to your great-grandmother — receives their care.

Please, come see us at Hubbard and Leath Dental. Our office is located in Rochester Hills. Call 248.266.2528 or use our online form to schedule your visit. We hope to see you soon.


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