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Bridges help us get where we want to go. They can take us over rivers and canyons. Bridges also can bring us back to a place where we can smile again.

Like the bridges we use for transportation, dental bridges cross an empty space. Both also help us get over something that could otherwise be a real problem.

Tooth loss can be a real obstacle to progress in your career and your personal life. Replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth could give you the confidence to apply for a promotion or a new job, to accept a social invitation to meet new people, or to open yourself to a romantic interest.

At Hillstream Dental (formerly Hubbard & Leath Dental), we have been building bridges and rebuilding smiles for several years for our patients in and around Rochester Hills, MI. We’re helping even more people today at our second location in St. Clair Shores, MI.

To learn more or to make an appointment with us, contact the location closest to you.

It Starts With Support

Any bridge needs strong support to do its job. At our practice, you have the option of a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge.

For a traditional bridge, we use nearby healthy teeth to provide that support. We do this by preparing those teeth in the same way we would if you needed a dental crown.

To do this, we remove a portion of those teeth to reshape them into abutments. These are where your bridge will be bonded to those teeth with dental cement. Your bridge will be made by fusing crowns together.

The number of teeth to be reshaped will depend on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and how many crowns are in your bridge.

Many patients prefer to leave the healthy teeth untouched. Thanks to dental implants, you won’t have, too.

Implants were designed with one goal in mind — to replace the roots of missing teeth. Implants are placed directly into your jawbone (like roots), and they can support dental crowns to recreate a complete tooth.

By placing a few implants near one another, you can support a dental bridge, which we noted above is a series of crowns fused together.

With your implant-supported bridge, you’ll fill the gap in your smile without doing anything to the healthy teeth you still have.

It’s Also About More Than Your Smile

Do you want your smile to look nice? Of course, that’s perfectly understandable. We all want that.

But your teeth aren’t just there to look pretty. They have a vital role in your overall health. Your mouth is where you start digesting food by breaking it down into smaller pieces. Healthy teeth help you grind food so its nutrients can be used more easily.

With either kind of bridge from Hillstream Dental, you will be able to continue biting and chewing as if your natural teeth were still there. In other words, your bridge is there to restore the function of your lost teeth, too.

Ready to Build Your Bridge

Our team of dental professionals is ready to help you return to your happy place, with a healthy, whole smile. Contact either of our offices in Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores to schedule a consultation and find out which bridge is right for you.

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