Dental Implants Impact More Than Your Smile

When you lose your teeth you have three options:

We can’t tell you which option is right for you. However, our team at Hillstream Dental will be happy to answer any questions you have about any or all of these options. We want you to know how you can restore your smile and, if you’d like, how to continue eating the foods that you love.

You can get those answers by setting up a consultation at either of our dental offices in St. Clair Shores or Rochester Hills, MI. Please contact us online or call 248-266-2528 to make your appointment.

Doing Nothing is Still Doing Something

We understand the losing teeth can be a traumatic experience for anyone. For better or worse, people tend to take their teeth for granted until those teeth are gone.

When you are missing teeth, it can affect it more ways than you may realize at first. Without teeth, you can become hesitant to smile and show your happiness. You may have difficulty pronouncing certain words or making particular sounds.

And without teeth, eating can be a challenge. It can certainly have a big impact on your diet.

Losing your teeth also affects your jaw. Without replacements for your full teeth (roots and crowns), your jawbone will shrink. This is why many people’s faces start to take on a sunken-in appearance if they have lived without teeth for a reasonable amount of time.

Getting Dentures is Better Than Nothing

Are dentures the same as real teeth? No, not really.

We know this from a dental professional’s point of view, but our patients tell us the same things.

To be fair, initially, a lot of people are happy to have dentures. Today’s dentures look more lifelike than ever, and compared to no teeth at all, they do allow you to eat more than you could if you didn’t have them.

Yet, dentures can come loose at less-than-ideal times. They can get pulled out if you try to bite into certain foods, and you may need a lot more effort to chew some things than you ever did with your real teeth.

Dentures also don’t replace the roots of your missing teeth. This is why long-term dentures wearers also experience the shrinking jaw problem that we mentioned above.

Implants Improve More Than Your Smile

Implants are not meant to be used by themselves. Instead, they provide the foundation for solid, stable, and secure replacement teeth.

With implant-supported dentures, you get the same cosmetic benefits that come with dentures. Your smile will look natural again.

You also get something more — you are able to eat comfortably and without worry that your teeth will come out. With implants, you can bite and chew practically as well as someone with a full set of healthy, natural teeth.

Meanwhile, the implants replace the roots of your teeth. This also restores the connection to your jawbone, and that can prevent the kind of jaw shrinkage that occurs with traditional dentures.

Find the Right Replacement Teeth for You

We’ve touched on some things to consider when trying to decide what to do about your missing teeth. Remember that our doctors have been helping people for decades who are looking to bring back their smiles and more!

If you live in or near Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores, MI, our team at Hillstream Dental is ready, willing, and able to help you replace the teeth you’ve lost. Call 248-266-2528 today or contact us online to learn more.

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