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The new year is still young, and we hope it will be a great year for all our patients. We hope 2016 brings you happiness and good health.

This includes your physical health, but we want you be mentally healthy as well. Unfortunately, problems with your teeth — and particularly, problems with the appearance of your teeth — could leave you feeling down. If you spent the last few years wishing your teeth looked straighter, whiter, or just better in some other way, then this is the year to do something about it.

Veneers are a fast, effective way to improve your smile in a just a few trips to the dentist. For patients who live in Troy, Rochester Hills, or anywhere in between, Hubbard & Leath Dental is the dentist office that can and wants to help you.

You deserve to be happy, and veneers are one way that cosmetic dentistry can improve how you feel about your smile.

Quit Hiding Your Pearly Whites

If you are reading this, then you made it through another holiday season. Your survived the food, the presents, and the pictures. How many times was your picture taken?

You can probably found out by logging into Facebook and checking your feed. Between family, friends, and your co-workers, countless people took your photo.

Think about your smile in those pictures. Were you grinning from ear-to-ear, or were you trying to hide your teeth? Was your mouth closed even though everyone around you was smiling?

Think about the impression that gives to people who will see those photos. Do they know you were having a good time? Can they see that you were enjoying your time with your family and friends?

Our smiles say a lot about us, but we may not be saying the things we mean to say if we never smile because we are ashamed of our teeth.

Veneers may be the key to helping you show the rest of the world who you really are.

Problems With Your Smile

If you feel the need to hide your teeth in photos, it’s a good indicator that there is something you don’t like about your smile.

Think for a moment about the people you know who seem to be happy all the time. You can probably envision their smiles in your mind.

What makes their smiles so great? Is it their “perfect” teeth? Is it their self-confidence? Is one because of the other?

Now, think about your smile. Do you have any of these problems?

• Crooked teeth — When you look in the mirror, you may see teeth that came in at the wrong angles. You may see teeth that appear to be sitting sideways when compared to your vision of an ideal smile.

• Gaps between your teeth — A gap in your smile can develop for a number of reasons. That doesn’t mean that you have to live with it for the rest of your life. You can close that space.

• Chipped or broken teeth — Millions of people lose pieces of a tooth or teeth because of accidents every year. Maybe that jawbreaker candy was really hard. Maybe you just took your eye off a baseball or softball long enough that it hit you in the mouth.

•Yellow teeth — Coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco, pasta sauces, worn down enamel, and aging are among the multitude of reasons that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. Reviving their whiteness may some effort.

You may have any of the problems we mentioned above, other problems we didn’t mention, or a combination of multiple problems.

No matter your situation, veneers can fix it.

Live From Hollywood

Veneers are an aspect of cosmetic dentistry that really does go back to Hollywood.

The first veneers were made by a California dentist in the 1920s. These were a temporary covering for an actor who needed his teeth to look different for one scene in a movie. Veneers were, and still are, a kind of shell that hides your real teeth.

A decade later, that dentist built on what he had done, making veneers for day-to-day use that were held in place by an adhesive. Those veneers were not a good long-term solution since the adhesive wasn’t all that strong.

In the decades since then, we have made tremendous strides in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Today’s veneers look more natural than ever, and the bonding materials make them much more of a permanent solution to your smile problems.

If you want a “Hollywood smile,” veneers are the way to get it.

Shine Like A Star

There’s a reason we say that a great smile can light up a room. You can have one of those smiles with veneers.

The next time someone wants your photo, we want you to be the person with the biggest grin. To make that happen, call Hubbard & Leath Dental at 248.266.2528 to learn more about veneers or any of our cosmetic dentistry, or make an appointment with our online form.

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