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Millions of Americans find pleasure in keeping a garden. This could be flowers, or it could be vegetables.

Either way, gardeners know that their plants need regular maintenance and care to stay healthy. As any gardener has learned, keeping your garden also means dealing with pests.

One way to do this is after the fact by removing the destructive bugs and critters when you find the evidence of their presence. A better way is to put preventive measures in place to keep those bugs and critters away from the garden.

In that regard, tending a garden is a lot like keeping your teeth healthy. You don’t want critters (harmful bacteria) to start eating away at your teeth. The longer they are allowed to stay, the more damage they will do.

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, our focus is on family and general dentistry, and a big part of our practice is preventive care.

This is something we hope you will encourage at home and by making regular visits to our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, whether you live in Auburn Hills, Troy, or any other nearby community.

Oral Care Should Start As Early As Possible

When your baby comes home, you experience a range of emotions as a parent. You feel love that you didn’t realize was possible before you had a child. You feel joy at seeing this life that you have helped create, and you feel a little scared about whether you can handle this responsibility.

You may feel overwhelmed by all the things that the “experts” say parents should be doing.

We can’t help with every aspect of parenting, but we can offer some advice as it relates to oral care.

Before your son or daughter has any teeth, you can start caring for his or her mouth by wiping it with a moist cloth a couple times each day.

When the first tooth arrives, you will want to have an infant-sized toothbrush with soft bristles. Add a rice-sized amount to toothpaste to gently scrub his or her teeth as they erupt before bedtime.

Once your child has two teeth that are next to one another, it’s a good idea to floss gently between those teeth as well.

You will need to brush your child’s teeth for the first couple years, which brings us to another first.

The First Trip To The Dentist

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we like to see children for the first time around their second birthdays.

This visit is important as a milestone in your child’s development and in building a relationship with our dentist office. We want your child to see our team as people who are here to support him or her.

To encourage this, we do what we can to make this a fun visit. Your child will get to wear special glasses and take a ride in one of our exam chairs. He or she will get a balloon and a prize from our treasure chest, too. These things make it easier when it comes time to clean and examine your child’s mouth.

Please note that we want parents to come back to the exam room with any child who is 6 years old or younger. We have learned that this helps the child feel more comfortable.

Our hope is that your family will continue to make routine visits to see us. This is helpful for both preventing problems and identifying them early when they can be treated with less invasive procedures.

Becoming Independent

As your child grows, he or she will become more and more independent. Most children will start to show an interest in brushing their own teeth sometime after their third birthdays.

You can help by brushing and flossing at the same time as your child. They can learn by following your example.

At this point, they should use about a pea-sized squeeze of toothpaste (which is enough for adults, too). They should scrub their teeth on all sides for two minutes twice each day.

You also want to encourage them to floss daily. This can be a little tricky, but if you are patient, your child will figure it out by learning from you.

Brushing and flossing help to remove bacteria and plaque. By doing this daily, you and your children will be doing what you need to keep your mouth healthy.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about your children’s oral health, then we would welcome you to contact our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI. During your next appointment, we can take the time to address your concerns and offer suggestions to help every member of your family keep the “critters” from hurting your teeth.

Call 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form to schedule your first or your next cleaning and examination.

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