How To Get More Benefits From Your Dentures

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So, you have reached a point in your life where your have dentures or you will be getting dentures in the near future.

Have you considered how you can get the maximum benefit from them?

Don’t get us wrong. Dentures do have some benefits compared to having no teeth at all.

But to get the most out of your dentures, you should consider dental implants.

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we have seen the difference that implant-supported dentures can make in the quality of life for our patients.

With traditional dentures, you just have to accept that they will come loose from time to time (and you won’t always know when). You also may have to quit eating certain foods.

We want the best quality of life for you and for all our patients in Rochester Hills, Troy, or anywhere else in the area. Before you commit to regular dentures, talk to our dentists about the difference that dental implants can make.

Dentures: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Please don’t misunderstand. Dentures do have some benefits, which is why many people get them.

First the good, dentures can improve your smile from a visual standpoint. More than likely, you are getting dentures because you had problems with your natural teeth. They may have become discolored or fallen out due to tooth decay or other problems.

Your dentures may be whiter and more visually pleasing than your teeth were before you lost them or had them removed.

If you were having tooth problems, you may have had toothaches, too. Getting rid of your teeth and replacing them with dentures can make your day-to-day life less painful.

Now for some of the bad, dentures may help replace the appearance of your smile, but they won’t replace the function of your natural teeth on their own.

A healthy person with all his or her teeth has around 200 pounds of bite force. According to some experts, your bite force with dentures may only be one-fourth of that.

This is why taking a bite of an apple can pull your dentures loose or trying to chew up a piece of steak or chicken can take much longer than before.

And food isn’t the only problem. Your dentures can come loose when your are talking if the only thing holding them in place is some kind of adhesive.

Now we’ve reached the ugly. For your jawbone to stay healthy, it needs stimulation to spur new growth. The roots of your teeth provided that stimulation because they were anchored inside your jawbone.

Your dentures rest over your gums. They provide little stimulation. Without that, your jawbone will start to lose bone density. Over time, this can affect your profile and change the appearance of your face.

Why We Like Implants

Research and development keep making dental implants better and better. Today, implants are used to replace individual teeth, groups of teeth, and entire arches of teeth.

If you get a dental crown or dentures, you are replacing the crown of your tooth. Visually, this is fine. Functionally, your bite force will vary depending on the replacement you received.

On the other hand, dental implants replace the roots of your teeth. These titanium cylinders fill in spaces in your jaw where your lost or removed teeth used to be.

Like your roots, the implants provide stimulation to your jawbone, which encourages new growth. That new growth allows your jaw to bond directly to your implants, which holds them securely in place.

If you need to replace a single tooth or a few teeth, we can attach a dental crown or a dental bridge to your implant(s).

And if you need to replace a complete arch of teeth, a group of dental implants can hold your dentures in place.

Working Together

Placing a group of dental implants in your jaw will keep your jawbone healthy. This will provide a firm foundation to hold your dentures in place.

Your implants will be strategically placed in your mouth. Then, your dentures can be attached in a way that is much more secure than an adhesive.

As you heal, your bite force will improve. In a matter of months, you may find that your bite force is close to what it was when you had all of your natural teeth.

This means you can smile with confidence and eat anything you like without worrying about your dentures coming loose.

Maximize Your Dentures

Dentures are better than having nothing, but implant-supported dentures give you a solid foundation.

If you live in or near Rochester Hills, then you should contact the dentist at Hubbard & Leath Dental to find out how you can make your dentures even better. Call 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form to make an appointment.

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