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It happens to everyone, although not always at the same pace. Our years of life take a toll on our bodies.

Our muscles start to ache after a day of cleaning or doing yard work. Our joints feel stiff.

Our teeth are not exempt from this. Some of us may lose one or two teeth while others may need a whole row of teeth replaced.

That’s also why it’s good to know that you have a dentist office that can help with all your oral care needs in Rochester Hills, MI. If you live in our area, we welcome you to visit Hubbard & Leath whether you need preventive care, like cleanings and exams, or restorative care, like dental implants.

Expert Care

Our dentists are proud to be able to offer comprehensive care for all our patients from toddlers to centenarians.

For adult patients, dental implants are one of the great developments in modern dentistry. If you lose a tooth or teeth, implants allow us to create replacements that are as close to regrowing a natural tooth as humans can get. (Some other animals actually can regrow their teeth over and over again.)

You also know you’ll be in good hands when you come to our office.

Our own Dr. Leath is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School, but his education did not stop there. Dr. Leath has completed advanced training in oral surgery, endodontics, and implantology. In fact, he recently took part in a seminar in San Diego focused on prosthetic restorations for dental implants.

Whether you need a single tooth or a full set of teeth replaced, we have the knowledge, the skills, and the equipment to make that happen for you.

What Is A Dental Implant?

It’s tempting to say that a dental implant is a tooth replacement, but that’s only half the story. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that a dental implant is a replacement for half of your tooth.

To be more specific, dental implants replace the roots of your missing teeth.

People have been replacing the crowns of their teeth for thousands of years. The crown is the visible part of your tooth.

Ancient cultures used rocks, animal bones, and even seashells to fill in the gaps when one or more of their teeth would fall out. Within the past few hundred years, people have used ivory and teeth that were removed from the deceased to replace lost teeth.

Even more recently, people have developed ceramics materials (like porcelain) that look and feel remarkably like the crowns of healthy, natural teeth.

But it’s only been in the last few decades that titanium implants have become a staple of tooth replacement. (We would call it the gold standard, but that might be undervaluing how important dental implants are.)

When you use a dental implant or implants to support one of the replacements we have for the crowns of our missing teeth, then you have a truly complete tooth restoration.

This way you can smile with confidence and continue to eat any item on the menu when you dine out with family and friends.

How To Get An Implant

The dental implant procedure starts with a visit to our office. We first need to evaluate the health of your mouth and jaw to make sure you can support dental implants.

When you lose a tooth or teeth, you are well aware of the empty space in your mouth. You also have an opening under your gums, where the roots of your teeth were anchored into your jaw.

The implant or implants are placed directly into the jaw, which may need time to heal before we add your dental crown, bridge, or dentures.

As your mouth recovers from the placement procedure, the jaw bone will bond directly to your implant or implants through a process called osseointegration. This doesn’t happen with all metals, which is the reason implants are made of titanium.

When the process is complete, your dental implants along with your crowns, bridges, or dentures will restore as closely as possible the appearance and function of your natural teeth.

Reclaim Your Mouth

Years ago, your best hope for tooth replacement was a set of dentures with some kind of adhesive. Today, you can get a dental implant to replace a single tooth (and reduce your risk of losing more teeth), or you can replace all your teeth with implant-supported dentures.

Regardless of your needs, Hubbard & Leath Dental is here to help. All you have to do is call 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form to make an appointment at our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI.

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