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Joe never thought he would be in this position.

As a child, he saw his grandfather remove his dentures more than once. Every time, he found it fascinating and a little scary at the same time.

Now, Joe’s around the same age that his grandfather was, and he’s already lost some of his teeth. He tried to ignore it. He figured it wasn’t really that bad … until yesterday.

He was out shopping for an anniversary gift for his wife. He couldn’t help feeling like the salespeople were staring at his mouth instead of listening to his questions. (He suspected this because of how many asked him to repeat his questions.)

As much as he hates to admit it, it’s time for him to learn more about dentures. Since he lives in Troy, MI, he knows he is close to Hubbard & Leath Dental in Rochester Hills. Joe’s going to give them a call.

Partial Dentures?

When the dentists examined Joe’s mouth, they determined that most of his remaining teeth were relatively healthy. They said he could consider three options.

The first was getting partial dentures. The dentist explained that partial dentures are made for people like Joe, who have lost some teeth, but still have most if their teeth intact.

The dentists showed him an example of the dentures, and Joe was impressed. The “teeth” were lifelike. They were attached to a gum-colored base that will fit in Joe’s mouth. When everything was in place, his smile would look complete once again.

The second option was to get what the dentist called a dental bridge.

To make this, he said they would need to remove a part of two of Joe’s teeth. These are the teeth on either side of the gap in his smile.

The dental bridge would be made of dental crowns that were connected together. The abutment crowns (on each end of the bridge) would be bonded to the teeth that had been reshaped. This would provide the support for his dental bridge.

The dentist said the third option was the most stable and secure. Joe could get an implant-supported dental bridge.

Dental implants would be embedded into Joe’s jawbone. When his jaw was ready, his dental bridge would be attached to the implants. He wouldn’t need to remove anything from his remaining healthy teeth, and his bridge would have a solid foundation of support.

If you were Joe, which option would you choose?

Full Dentures?

Let’s assume for some reason that Joe didn’t do anything. He decided to continue living with his missing teeth.

Over time, he would become more and more likely to be edentulous. That is, he would become a person who was missing at least one complete row of teeth.

This takes the problems that Joe had been dealing with up another notch. Without teeth, it’s extremely difficult to chew the foods that he likes to eat. He started eating more soup, but after a week or so, he started missing solid foods.

In this scenario, Joe may talk to the dentists at Hubbard & Leath Dental about full dentures instead.

Joe was convinced from what he saw that his dentures would look like real teeth as far as other people were concerned. Joe also learned that his dentures would allow him to eat some of the foods that he had given up.

He might still be able to get a small steak, although it might take him longer to cut up each individual bite. Joe still thought that was better than looking forward to eating nothing but soup during his twilight years.

Before he settled on a set of traditional dentures, the dentist did mention another option — implant-supported dentures.

To get these, the dentist would place a series of dental implants throughout Joe’s jaw. He may need a little time to heal from this procedure, but once he was ready, the dentist could affix a set of dentures to the implants.

According to the dentists, this would improve the appearance of his smile and it would give him back most of the bite force that he had before he started losing teeth. That sounded like a great idea to Joe. How does it sound to you?

What Would You Do?

Joe isn’t a real person, but many people are dealing with similar situations. You may be one of them, or you may know someone who is.

If you would like to know about the benefits of the different dentures available through Hubbard & Leath Dental, then all you need to do is schedule a consultation. Our dentist office is in Rochester Hills, MI, but we have patients from Auburn Hills, Troy, and everywhere in between.

To make an appointment, just call 248.266.2528 or fill out our simple online form today.

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