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You are busy enough being a parent.

When you aren’t running your kids to practices or picking them up from school, you’ve got to find time to get to the store to buy groceries and clothes (because your kids just keep eating and growing).

When you add your work and some personal time for yourself, getting to the dentist (much less multiple dentists) can seem hard to fit into the schedule.

Our team at Hubbard & Leath Dental wants to help. We’ve been a local family dentist office serving families in and around Rochester Hills, MI for years.

We can take care of the dental needs of every member of your family from 2 to 92 years old.

Even if you had the time, you don’t need the hassle of taking your kids to one dentist, taking your parents to a different dentist, and making appointments with yet another dentist for yourself.

Let us make help you help your family keep their mouths healthy. Contact us online or call 248-266-2528 to make appointments for your whole family.


Good Habits Should Start Early

We welcome new patients of all ages to our practice.

If your children are under 6 years old, we do ask that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. We’ve found this helps kids feel more comfortable while they getting a cleaning. (Most children want to show their parents how “big” they are as they get older, so this becomes less necessary.)

We welcome you to make your kids’ appointments at the same time you make yours. This way you can get your teeth cleaned and be a role model for your little ones. Seeing you go to the dentist can help them understand that we are here to help keep their healthy smiles.

We also try to make children’s dental visits as fun as possible. During a kid’s first visit with us. We take them for a ride in one of our dental chairs. We have special glasses they get to wear.

And if they are good, your kiddos might get a balloon and a chance to pick a prize from our treasure chest.


Taking Care of Teens’ Teeth

Did you have braces growing up? Did your spouse?

Your teen will probably need a little help straightening his or her smile too if you said yes to either of those questions.

Guess what? We can help with that, too.

We offer a variety of options to help fix crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and bite problems, such as overbites and underbites.

At our office, your son or daughter can get metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or ClearCorrect aligners. Our dentists can talk to you about the benefits of each of these options and offer suggestions about which may be the best for your child.

For what it’s worth, many adults also take advantage of these services as well to create more attractive and healthier smiles.


Keep Your Smile or Make It Better

Unfortunately, the odds that you will have some dental problems does increase as you get older.

That’s why you’ll be happy to know that we offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry as well.

We’re here for you whether you need a filling to fix a cavity, a crown to repair a broken tooth, or professional teeth whitening to remove the stains from your smile.

Your teeth can look as good or better than they ever have. Just let us know if you would be interested in a smile makeover.


Leave Your Dental Care to Us

You have more than enough to worry about keeping your kids clothed, fed, and where they need to be. Don’t let your family’s dental health become a cause for concern.

Call 248-266-2528 or contact us online to set up a visit with us soon. Trust your family’s oral health to us, and let us show you how we can make family dentistry fun for everyone!

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