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Magicians are incredible. Many of them spend years working on their slight of hand skills so they can perform illusions that seem impossible.

Even if we know how a specific trick is done, we still may be amazed by how smooth a skilled magician can perform it. Most magic tricks follow a three-step process, and by the end, we have seen something that seems impossible.

Dentists aren’t exactly magicians, but some of our treatments seem to have a similar effect on our patients.

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we’ve seen looks of amazement at our office in Rochester Hills, MI when patients see the results of their treatment for the first time.

Today, we want to walk you through how one of our treatment options , ClearCorrect, can seem magical.

Step One: The Pledge

In a magic trick, the pledge is when the performer shows you something. It may be a deck of cards, a dollar bill, or a box of some kind. From all outward appearances, it looks normal.

For your treatment, you could say your teeth are part of the pledge. You already know what your teeth look like. Your dentist has probably looked at them from every angle, with his or her eyes, and through X-rays.

The point is you and your dentist both understand the starting point. With your treatment, we are trying to fix one or more of the following problems:

• Crooked teeth

• Crowded teeth

• Teeth with gaps between them

• Teeth that overlap one another

• Overbites

• Underbites

• Crossbites

• Open bites

Step Two: The Turn

In magic, this is when the trick starts to get tricky.

A magician may make something disappear or do something that seems unfixable (like sawing a person in half). The point is to make you wonder how the magician is going to fix the problem he or she has created.

The magician may do this by disguising what he or she is doing, such as by covering something with a handkerchief or closing the lid on a box.

Dentists aren’t trying to be clever or entertaining. We want to fix the problems with your teeth, but we may still have a trick or two up our sleeves.

Traditionally, people use braces to fix teeth alignment issues. Brackets and wires certainly will push and pull your teeth into new positions. You can’t hide your brackets and wires, however, so everyone will know your secret, in a manner of speaking.

When a magician makes someone levitate, you can’t see how they are able to make this happen. You can see that a person has been lifted off the table even if you can’t see how.

With ClearCorrect, your treatment can seem invisible, too.

Instead of braces, ClearCorrect uses a number of plastic aligners to push your teeth into their final, straight, and evenly-spaced positions.

These aligners are transparent, which makes they hard to see when you have them on. It’s also why you may have heard them described as clear or invisible braces.

A typical magic trick happens in a matter of minutes, whereas treatment to straighten your teeth can take months or years to complete.

So, if you have to wait that long, the payoff better be worth it, right?

Step Three: The Prestige

The final step in a good magic trick is the prestige. This is the moment when a magician reveals something that appears impossible.

He puts the woman who was sawed in half back together. She reveals the card that you selected earlier. The rope appears in one piece even though the magician cut it into smaller pieces just moments ago.

To get the payoff for wearing ClearCorrect, all you have to do is follow your dentist’s instructions. Wear the plastic aligners for at least 22 hours each day. (You can remove them to eat and to brush and floss your teeth.) And remember to change the aligners every few weeks as needed.

When your treatment is complete, you may need to wear a retainer for a short time (to prevent your teeth from drifting back toward their original positions).

But when you are finished, your teeth will be straight, and your smile will look better than it ever has.

Ta DA!

If you want a smile that will make you say, “Wow!” when you look in the mirror, talk to our dentists about ClearCorrect or our other treatment options. To make your appointment at Hubbard & Leath Dental in Rochester Hills, MI, call 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form .

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