Sedation Dentistry Is One Way To Manage Your Dental Anxiety

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The new year is here. What will you do differently in 2017? We hope you will make oral health a priority. That means visiting the dentist a couple times, and that might be a good reason to take some time to learn about sedation dentistry.

With dental sedation, you can relax and remain comfortable throughout your visit to Hubbard & Leath Dental. If you have dental anxiety, it’s important that you know that you are not alone. Our staff has helped countless anxious patients. There’s a reason patients come from Auburn Hills and other surrounding communities to our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI.

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Understanding Dental Anxiety

Millions of people across the United States deal with dental anxiety. Some experts estimate that as many as 1 in 5 people avoid the dentist for this reason.

We won’t get into the potential consequences of skipping dental visits here. We will say that your risk of serious oral health issues will decrease significantly with routine dental visits. These visits include a professional dental cleaning and examination.

With a professional cleaning, a member of our team will remove any plaque or tartar (which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease) from your teeth. During your examination, we will be watching for signs of oral health issues. Your treatment will be easier if these problems are found early.

All that is well and good, but it may not make it any easier for you to sit down in a dental chair.

Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Leath have learned many things in their years of practice. One of the most important may be that every patient is an individual. Two patients with dental anxiety may be handled quite differently in the office, or they benefit from similar care.

Some of the most common reasons for dental anxiety include:

◼︎ A sensitive gag reflex

◼︎ A memory of a bad experience with another dentist

◼︎ A fear of a particular dental tool, such as a drill, a needle, or a scaler

◼︎ A fear of pain

We can’t list every possible cause of dental anxiety, but we do have ways of dealing with each of them. Everyone at Hubbard & Leath Dental wants your dental visits to be as pleasant as it can be.

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How Dental Sedation Can Help

Sedation dentistry works for many people with many types of dental anxiety. Even so, we offer a couple dental sedation options for general dental services.

Both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation offer similar benefits. The difference is in how the sedation is administered and how long the effects last. Before we explain those differences, we want to discuss how they are similar. To do that, we will review the list of common causes of dental anxiety above.

◼︎ A sensitive gag reflex

Dental care can cause a particular kind of worry for individuals with a hyperactive gag reflex. One of the benefits of sedation is that it allows you to remain relaxed. That makes you much less likely to gag during your procedure.

◼︎ A memory of a bad experience with another dentist

We completely understand why this could make anyone nervous about dental care. One of the ways dental sedation helps is that you are largely unaware of your procedure while you are sedated. This can make it much easier to be through a cleaning or treatment.

◼︎ A fear of a particular dental tool, such as a drill, a needle, or a scaler

It’s clear to us why someone may become anxious if the hear or see a drill or a needle. Likewise, the scaler (the tool with the small hooks) can be intimidating for some patients. With sedation, you likely won’t realize what tools are being used.

◼︎ A fear of pain

No one likes feeling pain, and with sedation, you won’t have to feel any. We offer local anesthetic as well, but sedation provides a more widespread analgesic effect. This means you won’t feel any pain whatsoever while you are under the effects of dental sedation.

Discuss Sedation Dentistry With Us

Nitrous oxide sedation is as easy as breathing. You simply inhale the gas to feel its effects. At the end of your treatment, the gas is turned off and you exhale any that remains in your lungs. In a matter of minutes, you will be back to normal.

Oral sedation means taking medication before your appointment. You will need someone to drive you to and from the office since these effects will last for hours at a time.

To find our which of these options is right for you, make plans to talk to either of our dentists, whether you live in Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, or anywhere in between.

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