Summer Break Is A Good Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal

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What are your plans for the summer?

Maybe you’ve got a summer job lined up. Maybe you are going on vacation with your family. Maybe you have a personal project that you would like to complete.

Or, maybe this summer would be a good time to take care of your wisdom teeth.

Having your wisdom teeth removed probably doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do during the summer. But there’s no better time to deal with them.

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we can assess where your wisdom teeth are in their development and, if needed, perform your tooth removal at our office, too.

Our dentist office serves Rochester Hills, MI, and the surrounding communities. Call 248-266-2528 or contact us online if you or someone you know may be getting their wisdom teeth soon.

Wisdom Teeth 101

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. These teeth attempt to erupt in the back of your mouth behind your last set of teeth on top and bottom. Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early 20s.

Health experts have estimated that as much as 85 percent of the population should have their wisdom teeth removed. The reason this is necessary so often is because most people’s mouths are not big enough for their wisdom teeth to erupt correctly. This can cause the teeth to become partially or completely impacted.

This simply means that the teeth are not able to come in like they should. A partially impacted tooth breaks the surface of your gums, even though it can’t erupt all the way. A completely impacted tooth remains below the gumline.

In either case, impacted teeth can create a variety of oral health problems. These teeth may come in at odd angles that put added pressure on your existing teeth. This can be painful and it can change the alignment of your teeth.

Impacted teeth also can be more likely to develop tooth decay or to create an opportunity for gum disease to develop.

Removing your wisdom teeth can help you avoid those problems in the long run.

Why Summer Is Good Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Any tooth removal procedure is a kind of oral surgery. Because your wisdom teeth are in the back of your mouth, this extraction is a little different than other kinds of teeth removal.

You may need several days to recover from this procedure.

It’s common for patients to feel sore or tender in the days after their wisdom teeth have been taken out. Swelling is likely as well.

You will need to avoid physical activity for a few days after your surgery is over. You also will need to limit yourself to soft foods for a short time.

When your wisdom teeth are moved, they leave pockets in your gums. It’s extremely important to avoid letting any food particles get stuck in that pocket. If food gets trapped as your gums tissue closes, you could develop an infection, which would require another procedure to remove.

We will provide you with instructions to follow after your wisdom teeth are extracted. And we will be available to answer any questions before or after your teeth are removed.

The Removal Process

Before we schedule a wisdom teeth removal surgery, we first want to make sure it is needed. Like we mentioned earlier, up to 85 percent of people may need their wisdom teeth removed for the sake of their long-term oral health.

That also means that about 15 percent of the population are able to keep their wisdom teeth without problems. Maybe you will be among the lucky ones. We’ll find out by making digital X-rays and tracking changes in your teeth. (This is one of the reasons we encourage patients to make regular visits to our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, for routine exams each year.)

If we can see that your wisdom teeth are going to create a problem, we will recommend taking them out before those problems can arise.

This can save you from months or years of problems.

We use sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed and pain-free throughout your procedure. This won’t stop the soreness during your recovery, but that’s a small price to pay compared to the lifetime of suffering wisdom teeth can cause.

Scheduling An Appointment

Schedule an appointment today for a dental examination at Hubbard & Leath Dental. Find out if your wisdom teeth may need to be removed before the real problems begin.

Call 248.266.2528 or contact us online.

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