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US News and World Report recently reported that looking for a job was considered stressful by more people than getting a root canal treatment. Even so, the article noted that roughly 3 out of 4 people (73 percent) consider root canals to be a source of anxiety.

That’s not a surprise to the team at our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI. We have seen the looks on our patients’ faces when we tell them that they need a root canal.

We understand why this can be stressful. Root canals have an (undeserved) reputation for being painful. That’s not the case at Hubbard & Leath Dental. We can perform this treatment without causing any additional pain to you.

We say “additional pain” because pain is often what leads patients to seek dental help.

If you are struggling with a toothache, we urge you to make an appointment at Hubbard & Leath Dental as soon as you are able. You can reach us online, or you can call 248.266.2528.

Treating Your Toothache (Or Why You Need A Root Canal)

A toothache should always be taken seriously. Your teeth should not hurt. When they do, something is wrong.

Toothaches can happen all of a sudden, or they may develop slowly. The pain can linger, or it may spike from time to time.

You may notice increased pain when you are eating. This could be due to the pressure you are putting on your infected tooth. It also could the result of increased sensitivity to heat or cold or to sweets.

Regardless of how your tooth is hurting, you should be seeking help from our dentists right away. We don’t like our patients to be in pain. We can end that pain with a root canal treatment.

Before we get into the what happens during a root canal, let’s consider how your tooth could become infected:

➤ Untreated tooth decay

➤ Untreated gum disease

➤ Cracks or breaks in your tooth

Tooth decay and gum disease both start with bacteria in your mouth. If this bacteria eats into your tooth, it causes cavities. If it infects your gums, it becomes gum disease.

In either situation, the bacteria can eat away at the outer layers of your tooth. Eventually, this can expose the nerves inside your tooth. That is when you may start to notice the pain that is a big clue that you need a root canal treatment.

Tooth infections can develop more quickly, however, if your teeth are damaged. Getting hit with a ball can break a tooth. Likewise, biting into something hard could crack your tooth. The longer you go without fixing the tooth, the more likely you are to develop an infection.

Getting Rid Of Your Toothache

The purpose of a root canal treatment is to remove the infection from your tooth. By doing this, your toothache should go away as well.

Dentistry has been changing and improving since the ancient Sumerians wrote about “tooth worms” causing cavities. Today, we have a much better understanding of what causes tooth infections (not tooth worms) and how to treat them.

Continuing education is important to everyone at Hubbard & Leath Dental. This is so we can provide the best possible treatment. This includes using modern techniques so we can perform pain-free procedures for our patients.

At a minimum, you will receive a local anesthetic so you will not feel anything during the root canal itself. We also offer sedation dentistry. This too will keep you from feeling any pain, and it might keep you from remembering anything about the root canal procedure.

So what happens during a root canal treatment? First, one of our dentists creates a small opening in your tooth. Then, special tools are used to remove the infected tissues from your tooth along with the nerves and blood vessels.

After your tooth has been cleaned and sanitized, we refill it with a rubbery material that helps it maintain its shape. The final step is sealing the tooth. This may be done with a dental crown or a dental filling.

In the end, you should notice the pain of your toothache going away as you recover.

Is It Time To Visit Us?

If you have a toothache, you should make an appointment at our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, soon. Even if your teeth feel fine, it’s a great idea to schedule a routine cleaning and examination. We would much rather fix minor issues today than a toothache tomorrow.

Call 248.266.2528 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment at Hubbard & Leath Dental.

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