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If we made a list of topics you probably don’t want to talk about, what would be at the top of your list?

Politics? Religion?

Oral surgery ?

As much as people often avoid the first two topics we mentioned (at least until they’ve gotten to know someone a little better), we’ve found that people really don’t like discussing that third thing that we mentioned.

Yet, it’s something that many people need in order to avoid an oral health problem, treat a problem, or prevent a problem from getting worse. We can handle many of these situations at Hillstream Dental (previously known as Hubbard & Leath Dental). Call 248-266-2528 to learn more.

For many dental issues that require surgery, we can handle your procedure without referring you to a specialist. So, let’s discuss some situations when dental surgery is your best option.


Teeth Extractions

Unfortunately, the phrase “like pulling teeth” has become synonymous with something that is difficult to do. Historically, that may have been true about extracting teeth, but today, tooth removals are done carefully and practically pain-free.

Whenever possible, we would prefer to save your tooth or teeth. This is why we offer a number of restorative services, including fillings, dental crowns , and root canals.

Even so, there are times when tooth removable is either the best or the only option:

  • To prevent an infection from spreading
  • To prepare for a tooth replacement
  • To prepare a patient for braces or other teeth-straightening treatment

When a tooth is infected, it may become too weak to survive even with restorative care. Rather than risk that infection spreading to other teeth, removing the tooth can stop that problem from getting worse.

If a tooth is too weak to support a dental crown, then we would recommend replacing that tooth instead. A dental implant can provide the stability to make your replacement tooth function as well as a real tooth. Your restoration (crown, bridge) will bring back the natural appearance of your smile.

For patients who may be getting braces, crowding can make their treatment much more complicated. In many circumstances, a patient will benefit from removing one or more teeth before his or her treatment begins.

This will reduce the time he or she will need to wear braces and improve the final results.


Wisdom Tooth Extractions

We mention this separately from other kinds of teeth removals because wisdom teeth are a little different.

Because of their location in the back of your mouth, this procedure can be a little trickier. Most people’s mouths aren’t large enough for their wisdom teeth to erupt correctly.

When they do come in (generally in someone’s late teens or early 20s), they often become impacted. This means they can’t erupt completely. This can put pressure on the rest of your teeth. This can be painful or it can mess up the alignment of your teeth — something you want to avoid, especially if you’ve completed treatment with braces already.

By monitoring how your wisdom teeth develop (through regular dental check-ups), we can identify potential problems before they occur. By removing your wisdom teeth, we can save you or someone you love from having to experience a number of problems.


Bone Grafts

If you have been missing teeth for some time, your jawbone may have become smaller. Without roots to stimulate new bone growth and keep your jawbone healthy, your jaw does not replace lost bone tissue.

A bone graft is used to replace lost bone tissue before an implant is placed in someone’s jaw. Should you need teeth replaced now or in the future, this could be a necessary first step in the process.


Start with a Consultation

Before you schedule any oral surgery, it’s important to talk to a dentist. If we can handle your problem another way, we want to make sure you know all your options.

To request a consultation at Hillstream Dental, call 248-266-2528 or contact us online .


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