The Emperor’s New Dental Crown

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Once upon a time, an emperor ruled over the land.

He was a friendly ruler, who thought his smile was grand.

Yet everyone knew his wife’s smile was the most beautiful they’d ever seen.

It sparkled and shone with a bright, white glossy sheen.

What was her secret for such great looking teeth?

The empress brushed, flossed, and visited Hubbard & Leath

Dental for her oral care. They helped keep her teeth healthy,

and they didn’t care if she was poor or was wealthy.

They saw everyone at their office near Rochester (Hills),

because caring for teeth gave their team such big thrills.


One day the emperor looked in the mirror and started feeling down.

“Oh no,” he thought, “do I need a dental crown?”

The emperor brushed, most of the time, he thought, anyway

but he never did floss, and now, he had tooth decay.

The tooth looked all yellow and gross in his mouth,

but he didn’t dare say that it made him think “ouch”

when he ate or chewed or he drank something hot.

Yet, he still tried to eat, when really he’d rather not.

When no one was listening, the emperor made a call

for a dental appointment somewhere outside the great hall.


The next day the emperor took his carriage to Rochester Hills

even though the thought of the dentist gave him great chills.

For years and for decades, the emperor never made

a dental appointment because he was too afraid.

Before he was the ruler, when he was but a prince,

the old royal dentist often made him wince.

When he arrived, the emperor thought twice

about going in. Then he remembered the ice

on his jaw to keep down the swelling.

The pain was enough to make his appointment compelling.


When the emperor walked in, the staff knew he was scared.

“Wait just for one minute. Please sit in this chair,”

the staff said. “We’ll be right back. Don’t you dread.”

He wondered how they knew about the fear in his head.

“Welcome, your highness,” one of the dentist’s stated.

Then he asked if emperor would like being sedated.

The emperor thought, and he thought about it some more.

(He also thought about running back out the door.)

After a little more thinking, the emperor decided, alas,

“I think I will try some of the nitrous oxide, the gas.”


Well done, thought the ruler, as he walked to the back for his care,

everything will be fine when I get out of this dental chair.

The hygienist came in, a big smile on her face.

The emperor thought everyone was so nice in this place.

“Are your comfortable, your highness?” she asked.

“I am,” said the ruler as the staff arranged the nose mask.

When the dentist turned on the gas, the ruler thought

everything was all right. He figured that he ought

to be happy to have such compassionate care

and he started to smile in that comfy dentist’s chair.


While the gas was turned on, the emperor didn’t feel a thing.

(Don’t tell anyone, but he actually wanted to sing.)

The dentist looked at the ugly, yellow tooth.

He removed the bad parts and left the healthy root.

On top was placed a temporary dental crown,

the same as the dentist did for the rest of the town.

When the real crown was ready, the ruler returned,

happy to know all he had learned.

When he saw his new smile, he beamed with delight.

“What a beautiful smile,” he said. “What a beautiful sight.”


The Moral Of The Story

Your teeth are important, so care for them right.

But if you need to repair one, a dental crown just might

be what you need to also beam with delight

when you see your new smile. Oh, what a sight!

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, near Rochester Hills,

we’ll treat you so nice, we know you’ll be thrilled.

To make an appointment, just call 248.266.2528

or you can reach us online, where it’s never too early or late.

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