The Many Uses Of Porcelain Veneers

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In the field of cosmetic dentistry, there may not be a one-size-fits-all treatment.

But veneers probably come as close to that as you can get.

Veneers can be used to repair the same problems that can be addressed by teeth whitening, dental bonding, and braces.

It may be hard to believe at first, but it really is true. At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we have seen how quickly and how effectively veneers can transform a patient’s smile.

Your smile can look better with a set of veneers, but it’s more than that. Many people feel better about themselves when they feel less self-conscious about their teeth.

That’s hard to show with before and after pictures of teeth.

What Veneers Can Do

To give you a better idea of how veneers can help you, we will present some cosmetic issue and discuss the different ways to address those problems.

Discolored Teeth

Treatment options: Teeth whitening, veneers

Teeth can become discolored for more than one reason. Stains are certainly the most common reason. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and many other beverages can contribute to the stains on our teeth. So can many of the foods that we eat throughout the day. Over time, these can create stains that ruin a smile.

Teeth also can become discolored as a side effect of certain medications, a symptom of some illnesses, or a traumatic injury.

Professional teeth whitening products are effective at removing stains in a relatively short period of time, however, they aren’t as effective if your teeth are discolored for other reasons.

Instead of removing stains, veneers hide them. When veneers are bonded to your teeth, they shield your natural teeth from view. As a result, other people see a natural-looking set of pearly whites.

Worn down and chipped teeth

Treatment options: Dental bonding, veneers

Dental bonding is done by applying a composite resin to your teeth. This resin can be layered to store the original shape and size of your teeth. This can be a good solution if you need to repair one or two teeth.

On the other hand, veneers are a great way to repair multiple teeth at the same time. When your veneers are bonded in place, all your teeth will look whole once again.

Crooked or crowded teeth

Treatment options: Braces, ClearCorrect, veneers

Misaligned teeth are a common problem that affects millions of people. Braces fix this problem by pushing and pulling your teeth with a series of brackets interconnected by wires.

ClearCorrect takes a different approach to accomplish the same goal. By wearing a series of plastic aligners, you will push your teeth into a straight position.

While veneers don’t physically move your teeth, they may be the fastest way to resolve this issue. Veneers will give you the appearance of straight teeth that are lined up perfectly beside one another.

Gaps between teeth

Treatment options: Dental bonding, braces, ClearCorrect, veneers

You may have a gap between two or more of your teeth. If this extra space bothers you, we may be able to close it with dental bonding. Braces and ClearCorrect can be used to press your teeth closer together.

And veneers can be used to fill in that gap while hiding it from view.

The right option for you may depend on a variety of factors, however, there is only one treatment that can be used to solve all of the problems we mentioned above.

And veneers can be used to fix any or all of those issues at that same time.

How To Get Veneers

You should start by visiting our office for a consultation. We want to make sure you are a good candidate for veneers, but we also want to see if another solution may be better for your particular situation.

If you are a good candidate for veneers, then the first step will be to prepare your teeth. We do this by removing a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. Then we may an impression, which is sent to the dental laboratory.

They will use this impression to craft a custom-fitted set of veneers for your teeth. It may take a few weeks to complete this process. When they are ready, we will bond them in place, and you will see your new and improved smile.

Let Your Smile Shine

With porcelain veneers, your smile can look as nice as you want it to be. Your teeth can look dazzlingly white and perfectly straight with no signs of chipping or wear and tear.

If you live in or near Rochester, MI, our dentists and staff at Hubbard & Leath Dental want to help you get the smile of your dreams. That’s possible with your own set of porcelain veneers.

To get started, schedule a consultation by calling 248.266.2528 or by filling out our online appointment form.

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