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Billy Bob’s tooth has become so worn down that he doesn’t know if another filling will work.

So he decides to make a dental appointment at Hubbard & Leath Dental. In the waiting room, he meets another patient who is suffering from serious tooth decay, and another person who has some obvious discoloration on one of her teeth.

While he’s waiting, he sees his neighbor Bobby Bill, who has just received a root canal treatment.

Billy Bob may not realize it, but he has something in common with all those other patients, besides the fact that they came to the same dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI. In spite of their different problems, all of them may receive a dental crown.

Keep reading to learn more about the many reasons we offer dental crowns for our patients.

Restoring Your Tooth

Dental crowns are designed to do two things — look like a tooth and act like a tooth.

Many patients wind up getting dental crowns because of problems that started years or decades earlier.

You may have had a cavity that needed filling when you were a teenager.  Since that time, you may have had your filling replaced multiple times. With each replacement filling, your tooth may have been more and more worn down. It may have become weaker and weaker with each new fillings.

With each replacement filling, your tooth may have been more and more worn down. It may have become weaker and weaker with each new fillings.

If your tooth is so worn down and weak that it is harder for you to bite or chew your food, then a dental crown may be a better option for you.

A dental crown can be bonded to the healthy root of your tooth. That support will allow you to bite and chew comfortably once again.

Repairing Your Smile

The first reason for getting a dental crown would be considered restorative dentistry. This reason would fall under cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth staining isn’t always a uniform process. If you chew or dip tobacco, then you may have a habit of chewing or holding that tobacco in a particular part of your mouth. This may cause one or two teeth to stain more rapidly than the others.

Tobacco isn’t the only reason a tooth may change colors, of course, but regardless of the reason having one tooth that is noticeably yellower or darker than the rest may make you self-conscious about your teeth and your smile.

In the process of getting your dental crown, we will remove the discolored parts of your tooth. Then we will bond your dental crown in place once it is ready.

Sealing An Infected Tooth

In our previous post, we wrote about root canals. By coincidence, root canal treatments may involve getting a dental crown as well.

In some cases, your tooth may have been severely damaged due to tooth decay before your root canal was needed. In other cases, we may have needed a larger opening to access the inside of your tooth.

If possible, we will seal or cap the tooth with a filling or overlay. If neither of those options will work, we always have the option of a dental crown.

In those instances, the crown will seal the previously infected tooth, and it will provide protection against bacteria and new infections.

Replacing A Missing Or Lost Tooth

Maybe you were playing for your company basketball team or in a pickup game, and you took an elbow to the face trying to get a loose ball. In the scramble, one of your teeth may have been knocked out.

Another possibility is that you have a gap in your dental hygiene routine. This can lead to tooth decay, which leaves your tooth weak, damaged, and discolored, and as a result, your tooth may need to be removed.

In either of these instances, you will have a gap in your smile and a hole below your gumline.

One option we could recommend is replacing your missing tooth with a dental crown placed on a dental implant.

The implant replaces the root of your lost, missing, or removed tooth. The dental crown replaces the crown of your tooth (the part that is visible outside of your gumline.

A Multipurpose Solution

Dental crowns can be used to fix a number of problems with individual teeth. In every case, however, those crowns wi

ll restore your ability to eat the foods that you love, and they will revive your smile.

To find out why people are making the drive from Auburn Hills to our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, or to learn more about dental crowns, use our online appointment formor call Hubbard & Leath Dental at 248.266.2528.

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