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Wendy was looking forward to her wedding. She knew it would be here is just a few months, and she had planned almost every detail.

The flowers were ordered. The cake would be ready for the reception, and the dress was being tailored to fit perfectly. She had already done a dry run on her hairstyle. There was just one detail Wendy wanted to fix — her teeth.

When Wendy looked in the mirror, she saw nothing by yellow teeth. While she had quit smoking years ago, her teeth still bore the evidence of her old habit.

She thought about professional teeth whitening at Hubbard & Leath Dental, then decided to try the over-the-counter stuff instead.

If you were in Wendy’s shoes, would you try the grocery store route or call the dentist office located in Rochester Hills, MI?

Research And Testing

Wendy tried to look into the various teeth whitening products to determine which was the best for her.

She wasn’t sure what to make of the reviews that she found online. She settled on a product that used strips that she could apply to her teeth like a big adhesive bandage.

She followed the directions to the letter.

After a few weeks, she decided to take a close look in the mirror. She could tell that parts of her teeth were whiter, but none of her teeth were as white as what she had hoped them would be.

At this point, the wedding was less than a month away, but she was not satisfied with the results.

That’s when she decided to give Hubbard & Leath a call.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Wendy was worried that maybe she had waited too late to get the white smile that she wanted for her wedding day.

The dentists assured her that she had plenty of time. She could choose either the take-home care products or come to our offices for the fastest possible whitening treatment.

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we use Zoom! products for our professional teeth whitening. In a single treatment with Zoom! Wendy could see the kind of improvement that she wanted.

Zoom! is much more powerful than that strings that she tried, and there’s a good reason for that.

Zoom contains 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. When the gel was applied and exposed to a special bright light, it activated the whitening agent to produce brighter, whiter teeth in a lot less time.

For comparison’s sake, the strips that Wendy had used contained only about 5.5 percent hydrogen peroxide, or about one-fifth of the whitening power of her dentist’s products.

No wonder Zoom worked so much faster.

Wedding Day Smile

On the day of her wedding, Wendy couldn’t stop smiling. A few of her friends told her that she and her smile both looked radiant.

Almost everything had gone according to plan on this special day. (She didn’t plan on the ring bearer running around the church during the ceremony.)

Wendy’s hair was perfect. Her dress was spotless, and so too was her smile. As she posed for photo after photo with family, friends, and her wedding party, Wendy couldn’t help thinking how happy she was that she went to Hubbard & Leath Dental for Zoom whitening.

Real Concerns

You may have figured out that Wendy was not a real patient, although she could have been. We have helped many brides and grooms get ready for their wedding day with our professional teeth whitening treatments.

We’ve also helped bridesmaids, parents, and wedding guests. We have whitened smile for college students as they prepared for their graduations, and we have whitened teeth for patients preparing for reunions with college, high school, and military units.

Weddings are just one of the many special occasions for which we have helped our patients prepare.

On the other hand, our whitening comes in handy on a day-to-day basis as well. In fact, once you have had your teeth whitened, routine treatments can be the best way to maintain your pearly white smile.

Get Enlightened

Stains from tobacco use, coffee drinking, tea sipping, or soda slurping can spoil your smile. Thankfully, you can revive it by visiting Hubbard & Leath Dental.

In addition to professional teeth whitening, we offer other cosmetic services at our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, that can make your smile look as good as or better than it ever has.

If you would like to find out if teeth whitening will work for you, fill out our online form or call 248.266.2528 to schedule a consultation.

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