The Upsides Of Getting A Root Canal

Would you rather …?

Someone has probably asked you a variation on this question more than once in your life. Generally, that person is asking you to choose between two things you’d like to do or two things you’d rather avoid. It’s more a game than a serious question.

But we have some serious versions of this questions for you to consider.

Would you rather keep living with a toothache or get a root canal treatment?

Would you rather lose your tooth to an infection or get a root canal treatment?

Would you rather live your life with a gap in your smile or get a root canal treatment?

We hope your answer to all three questions was the same. Root canal therapy can save you from the alternatives, and one of the best places to go for a root canal procedure is Hubbard & Leath Dental. Our dentists have received special training in endodontics to provide the best treatment to patients in Troy and Rochester Hills, MI, and anywhere in between.

Your Tooth Won’t Hurt Anymore

The pain you feel during toothaches that would require a root canal is pain inside your tooth. The only way to treat it effectively is to remove the infection, which means removing the soft pulp in the middle of your tooth.

Root canals are openings to the center of your teeth. This is also where nerves and blood vessels are located in your teeth.

If you have gum disease, bacteria can start attacking your tooth at the root, which can create an abscess. If the bacteria eat into the outer layers of your root, they can infect the pulp and the nerves inside.

When this happens, your tooth hurts. It may be a constant pain. It may be more painful when you eat something hot, cold, or sweet. The pain may come in waves.

However you experience the pain, you can expect it to get worse … unless you undergo a root canal treatment.

Many people are worried that a root canal will hurt, which is based on is a misunderstanding of how root canals are done.

In a way, root canals are more like an extended filling. Your mouth will be numbed or we can provide sedation to ensure you won’t feel anything during your procedure.

When it’s over, your toothache will go away.

Your Tooth Will Be Saved

Dentists like teeth. Dentists like their patients to keep their teeth. Dentists like to save as many healthy teeth as they can.

If a tooth isn’t healthy, dentists want to preserve the healthy parts of that tooth.

And root canal therapy allows you to keep as much of your tooth as is possible.

We mentioned earlier that a root canal is necessary when your tooth has already been infected. By removing the infection, many times we can keep the healthy parts of the tooth in place.

How do we do this?

Keep in mind that the infection is on the inside of your tooth. To access the middle, we must create an opening in the crown of the affected teeth.

Using special tools, we can remove the infected pulp, nerves, and blood vessels from the interior of your tooth. We then clean and sanitize the inside of the tooth.

The next step is filling the tooth with a special material to help it maintain its shape. We finish by capping the tooth with a dental crown. This seals the tooth and reduces your risk of reinfection.

When you are finished, your tooth should function as well as it did before the infection.

Your Tooth Will Look Better

An infected tooth can change the appearance of your mouth.

An abscessed tooth may look as if you have a pimple on your gums. You may even see pus leaking from the tooth or your gums as a result

An infection that arises from tooth decay can cause your tooth to turn yellow, brown, or even darker.

Neither of those things will improve the appearance of your smile.

A root canal treatment, however, will help restore the natural appearance of your tooth, and keep your smile looking healthy.

Keep Your Tooth And End Your Pain

A toothache should never be ignored. If you are having any kind of tooth pains, make plans to visit our dentist office in Rochester Hills, MI, as soon as you are able.

We will be glad to examine your tooth and recommend the most effective treatment for you, whether it is a root canal procedure or something else.

The team at Hubbard & Leath Dental does not want you live in pain. You should not put up with the pain, either.

Call us today at 248.266.2528 or fill out our online form  if you have any question or to make an appointment. The only thing you have to lose is your pain.

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