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You’ve probably seen at least a few home improvement shows in your time. You may even be a fan of these programs.

Generally, a show starts with the host identifying a problem area with a particular room or even an entire house. By the end of the episode, you can see how much of a difference a group of trained professionals can make.

In a way, the same is true for your smile. Restorative dentistry has been around in some form or another for centuries. Over time, dentists have learned better techniques, and new materials have been developed to fix smiles.

That means you can restore your smile to look as good or better than it ever has. If you live in or near Rochester Hills, MI, our dentists would be happy to help you or someone you love feel more confident about your smile.

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What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is focused on repairing teeth and tissue that have been damaged in one way or another.

At one time, restorative care was almost exclusively focused on the function of teeth. Losing teeth affects your ability to bite and chew. To bring back that ability, people have tried a lot of different things throughout history to replace lost teeth.

Seashells, stones, animal bones and teeth, ivory, and metals have been used by people in different times and places.

Fortunately, we have better options in modern dentistry. New ceramic materials have been developed that both restore the function of your teeth as well as the natural appearance of your smile.

How Could Restorative Dentistry Help You?

Restorative dentistry can be used to fix relatively minor problems as well as something as big as full-mouth reconstruction.

Our dentists want nothing more than to help you feel good about your smile and to help you feel confident about eating. No matter how small you think your issue is, no matter how bad you think your mouth may be, we have ways to help.

To illustrate what we mean, we will describe a variety of problems below along with ways to fix them with restorative dentistry.

Tooth decay

How we treat tooth decay will depend on how much it has affected your teeth.

For a small cavity, a dental filling is usually the best option. At one time, you may have had to settle for a gold or amalgam filling. This would restore the function of your tooth, but the metal fillings could distract from your smile.

Today, we can offer tooth-colored fillings instead. By using a composite resin, your tooth can function like it should while still looking natural when you smile.

If the damage is a little larger, an inlay or onlay may be more appropriate. In some instances, a dental crown may be the better option. This would involve reshaping your tooth, so a crown could be bonded in place.

Broken teeth

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, some of those accidents can cause you to chip or break a tooth.

If the chip is small, dental bonding may be just what you need to rebuild your tooth to its full size and shape. Since this uses the same composite resin as our tooth-colored fillings, you can feel confident that your tooth will look natural as well.

A dental crown could be more appropriate for a large break. If the tooth is weakened, a dental crown will bring back its appearance and provide the strength needed for it to function like normal.

Missing teeth

Gum disease, tooth decay, and injuries all can cause you to lose teeth.

A dental bridge is one option if you are missing one or a couple teeth. A bridge is created by combining crowns and bonding them to your remaining teeth. This provides support for your dental bridge and fills the gap in your smile.

Another option is to place a dental implant in your jaw. This provides support for a dental crown so your smile looks complete again.

You can also get a series of dental implants if you are missing several teeth. Implants can be used to support dental bridges as well as full sets of dentures.

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