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I am a treatment coordinator here at Hubbard and Leath Dental and how I interact with our patients is I will get a phone call from the back of our office letting me know there is treatment. I will then go in advance, pick up whatever treatment it is, and put together preparations for discussing it with our patient when they’re done in the [operatory 00:00:24]. I will go over the finances. I will help them figure out how to pay for their treatment. I will find out what their insurance will contribute if they do have insurance. Then I will get them scheduled.

We have something called care credit. Care credit is such a saver for people because we are able to get our patients approved very quickly and easily on our desktop. It takes about five minutes and then the money is available depending on how much they are allowing that patient. They can even put a deposit down that very day.

The nice thing about our office is our wonderful doctors sponsor three promotions. They’re all interest free, 24 months, 18 months, or 12 months. It a great payback for our patients and if you divide that up, for instance, over 24 months, it makes you payments so reasonable.

We try to treat every patient that walks through the door like they are one of our guests in our home. People feel very special. Then, to boot, on top of that, to have very skilled dentist with a very, very skilled group of people surrounding them in the dental world is just a bonus.

Yes, I think we have it all in our office.

Mary – Treatment Coordinator

At nearly 10 years working at Hubbard and Leath Dental, Mary has seen the practice grow into what has become a very successful office. Due to her lengthy time at our practice, Mary is very familiar with our patients, and is often the friendly voice at the other end of your phone calls with our office. Mary has a background in sales, customer service, and public relations which has contributed to her long-standing relationships with our patients. Mary is a treatment coordinator at Hubbard and Leath Dental, and is an integral part in maintaining the family-centered atmosphere our office strives to portray.

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The patients here are like family. I’ve been with them many years and seen their children grow up and their children have children. I am very blessed in my career to be apart of this practice. I work with a great, great team. The doctors are awesome. The staff has become … We’re all one big family. Coming to work is like being home everyday.

Cheryl – Dental Hygienist

Cheryl is an experienced hygienist with over 20 years at Hubbard and Leath Dental. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and has studied at New York University at the Rosenthal Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry. Cheryl is licensed in local anesthesia and sedation dentistry and trained in advanced dental techniques. She has a caring, upbeat, fun personality that blends nicely with the high level of skill and proficiency she demonstrates at all times.

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The first person that a patient sees before they come into the doctor is the assistant. I greet them at the door, I bring them in, I try to get them comfortable, set, ready to go, so when the doctors come in, they just need to start. I try to interact with them before I even start anything. As soon as I get them in a room, ask them how they’re doing, if they have any fears. I try to comfort them, let them know that if anything bothers you, hurts you, you let me know. We’re going to take good care of you. Just talk to the patient. The doctors are what make the office run like it runs, and they’re easy to work with. I’m lucky. I’m lucky to be able to be here.

Marina – Dental Assistant

Marina has worked as a chairside dental assistant at Hubbard and Leath Dental for seven years and has a total of 19 years dental assisting experience. She handles the supply inventory control and purchasing in the office. Marina is certified in both radiology and sedation dentistry. She further studied with Dr. Hubbard at the Rosenthal Institute at New York University, where she was trained in advanced cosmetic dentistry. She brings a friendly and excellent quality to patient treatment and care.

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I work with Dr. Hubbard, side-by-side. Four handed dentistry here in our office. My main goals and duties are to make sure that the patient is comfortable. We offer drinks. We have blankets if you’re chilled. We have televisions with headphones, headsets hooked up to them. That way that could be distracting if you don’t want to listen to any of the noises that you hear in a dental office.

Then, of course there is also the nitrous oxide gas. We offer that as well. That’s a very relaxing gas that’s placed over your nose. Many patients love it. Then, there is always the anesthetic that we use to numb the teeth so that way you don’t feel any of the work that’s being done.

Definitely come here. It’s an amazing experience because it’s a pain-free office. Both Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Leath are very, very conscious of giving their patients the best care possible. They give them undivided attention when they come in. They are not rushed through at all. They take as much time as needed with each patient and make sure that they address their concerns.

Both Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Leath, along with the staff, everybody is dedicated to a patients well-being, to their dental health, to their comfort. That’s one of our top priorities here in our office

Debbie – Dental Assistant

Debbie is a registered dental assistant and certified in dental X-rays. She began her tenure with Hubbard and Leath Dental in 1981, and, except for a brief maternity leave, she has been working chairside with Dr. Hubbard since then. Her experience ranges from orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry. She has the perfect combination of a friendly, upbeat manner and a proficient dental aptitude.

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My main thing is stressing the importance and the value of getting their teeth cleaned every six months for most, and then depending on their weaker intervals that can change. But I always like to stress the importance of home care. Making sure they’re flossing daily. Making sure they’re brushing their teeth, but not only going just from that, but going above and beyond and doing the extra home care things. Like using water picks, and electric toothbrushes. It’s really good here, because we do have samples of those things. We can show patients what’s good. We have samples of all of our aides at home that can be used. I like to take a good portion of my appointment showing patients how to do those things, rather than just telling them. It’s good so that they can actually know what to do on their own, and not just rely on us.

Beyond that I like to make patients aware of their disease process. Whether they have healthy gums, whether their gums need a little bit more work. Whether they need to do something beyond just the normal six month visits. I think it’s super important to make them aware and educated so that they can take care of their own health.

I would send my family here, because it’s a nice comfortable atmosphere. I feel when I can walk in and feel at home, I think my patients would feel the same way. All of us are very friendly, and we want what’s best for the patient. With that said, I think that the patients would also feel that too.

Michelle – Dental Hygienist

Michelle began pursuing the dental field at a young age when she started as an assistant in 2005. In 2011, she graduated from Oakland Community College as a Registered Dental Hygienist. She is certified in local anesthetics and conscious sedation using nitrous oxide. Michelle’s gentle manner and expertise working with kids has helped many children overcome previously established dental fears. Michelle is also proficient in using whitening methods such as Zoom to help patients achieve the smile they’re looking for.

Emily – Hygiene Coordinator

Emily is a hygiene coordinator with over 30 years of experience in the dental field. She has led a team of hygienists for several practices throughout Metro Detroit and Ohio. She has a passion for patient care and overall patient experience. Emily is responsible for scheduling continuing care appointments for our patients and enjoys helping patients achieve a lifetime of optimum oral health.

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I’m a registered dental assistant. What we do here as an assistant, like the other assistants here, we facilitate the care of the patient as we bring them back all the way through the procedure. We work chair-side with the doctors.

Ultimately the main goal is patient care. We’re a patient centered practice. A lot of patients have fears or they have anxiety, so we alleviate that from the very beginning, bringing them in, seating them, explaining the procedure, making sure that they understand what we’re doing, and if they have any questions or concerns we always address them.

I recommend Hubbard and Leath Dental not only to people that I know, but also to family members to come in. I feel that the consistent quality of care, I know that from when they first walk into the office until we exit the patient and they leave the office, it’s very consistent in their care. The customer service and they way that we treat our patients is always going to be top quality and professional and that there will not be any lapses throughout the time that they’re here in the office.

Angela – Dental Assistant

Bio is coming soon!

Elaine Branham – Dental Hygienist

Elaine is an accomplished, registered dental hygienist who has worked in the field for over 30 years. She has treated a wide range of clientele. She is experienced in periodontal therapy, implant scaling,sealants, OSHA compliancy, and CPR certification to name a few. Elaine enjoys attending continuing education seminars and wants only the best care and comfort for her patients. Elaine is proud to say she is a hygienist at Hubbard and Leath Dental.

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When I see a patient for the first time, I go extensively over their medical history. To me, when I graduated 31 years ago, it was mostly about the mouth and taking care of the oral health and now when we look at a patient, we’re looking at the complete body and their medical health. We know now that the oral health is very, very important to keeping the rest of the body healthy, when it comes to diabetes, heart disease, low birth pregnancy weight. I try to get first a glimpse at what’s going on with the person as a whole before trying to just him and say, “Oh, you need cavities filled or you need to floss more.” I never had looked at what I do as a job. I look at it as a career and what I can do to help people and when I get somebody that is medically challenged or I’ve had patients that have walked through the doors, they’re in their 30s and they’ve never seen a dentist and we can bring them to good oral health and make a whole different in their world, that’s what I come to work for.

Somebody walks in the door and they’re very high anxiety, it’s very easy to just putting them on nitrous and do something that, but you really need to talk to them and find out the root of their fear and that to me is what makes us different is that I have patients that come in and if might take me the first appointment, just 20 minutes going over why or what we’re going to do just to get them comfortable in the chair and get them to that point where they feel like they can keep coming back and having the treatment. Also, too, like somebody if they had a family, we’re great with kids in this office, really good with kids in this office. We try to get their trust before we try to make them do anything and that’s key when you got small children.

Elaine Brand – Dental Hygienist

After graduating from the University of Detroit as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 1984, Elaine spent her first eight years specializing in treating periodontal disease in Dearborn, Michigan. This experience has vastly expanded her knowledge in advanced periodontal cases, and has led to great benefits for her patients. Following her initial eight years, Elaine began with Dr. Hubbard and has been with Hubbard and Leath Dental since 1992. Her history at our office and the confidence of her patients are direct results of the value she continues to portray.

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Being that I have been in a lot of different positions at this office, I know a lot of the patients more than a typical insurance coordinator would. When they come in, I make a point to go upfront and say, “Hey, how you doing? How are your kids? I know your wife is in the hospital. How’s that going?” things like that. When you know the patients, you want to know how they’re doing. You want to know that they know that you care.

One of the things I really like is that you’ll have your cleaning, you get your x-rays, and they put the x-rays up on the screen. When the doctor comes in, you can see and help show you right here is where the decay is. You don’t think, oh, I don’t need this work. A lot of times the dental industry is criticized for giving people treatment that they don’t need. He shows you exactly what you need, where it’s at, and really just informs you and teaches you as a patient what you need to be aware of, and gives you the confidence that he’s doing t correct work.

Erica – Insurance Coordinator

After three years working at Hubbard and Leath Dental, Erica has seen many aspects of the dental field. She currently acts as insurance coordinator, but has been an appointment coordinator, receptionist, and dental assistant to Dr. Leath. Her wide-ranging roles at our office have contributed to her extensive knowledge of the practice as a whole. Erica graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in business management and entrepreneurship in 2014. As insurance coordinator, she manages communication between our office and various insurance companies. Erica acts as the liaison between our patients and their insurance carriers to file claims, provide support as to diagnosis decisions, and get the benefits our patients deserve.

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Katherine:  Well, we present them with a treatment plan that has three options. A treatment plan as to if they’d like to pay in full, they get a 5% discount. Or they can pay half or they can use care credit which we offer to our patients as well for financing. Care credit is a good option especially when patients are doing bridges, especially for implants, something that their insurance doesn’t cover or their insurance does and it’s still a lot of money and they can’t afford it at that time. It’s a company that we work with that offers 12 or 18 or 24 months interest free for them which can help them pay it monthly.

It’s a friendly office. It offers great doctors to work with, great hygienists, also our assistants and our front staff is very well qualified employees. We try to make our patients feel like they’re at home and they don’t feel like on edge when they come in here to get treatment done. We offer them finance and we help them out as best ways we can. Also offer them in-network insurances as well.

Note: Audio/video begins again at 5:28.

Katherine: Justin will be like, yeah, take her off. I’m going to be like I told you so. I’m not good.

Interviewer: The first question I have for you is the easy one which is just so our editors get it right, can you say and spell your name for us?

Katherine: You want me to spell it for you?

Interviewer:  Please.

Katherine:  Okay, Katherine, K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E, last name is K-Y-R-I-A-Z-I-S, Katherine Kyriazis.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Because we probably won’t be the ones to edit it, just a little bit about what you do here and how you interact with the patients as well?

Katherine: Well, I’m at the front and I am treatment coordinator. What I do is so any treatment that comes into the office, from the girls in the back, they’ll radio to us and let us know that there’s treatment and then I prepare it before the patient comes up so we’re ready to present the treatment to them.

Interviewer: Excellent. Tell me about some of the financial, I’ve lost the word I’m looking for, some of the financial options that you provide to your patients that make it easier on them.

Katherine: Well, we present them with a treatment plan that has three options. A treatment plan as to if they’d like to pay in full, they get a 5% discount. Or they can pay half or they can use care credit which we offer to our patients as well for financing.

Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about care credit and why it’s a great option for someone doesn’t carry their own insurance?

Katherine: Care credit is a good option especially when patients are doing bridges, especially for implants, something that their insurance doesn’t cover or their insurance does and it’s still a lot of money and they can’t afford it at that time. It’s a company that we work with that offers 12, or 18, or 24 months interest free for them which can help them pay it monthly.

Interviewer: Excellent. What do you like about it?

Katherine: This office is really nice because it’s like we’re all a family. We all work well together. The doctors are awesome. They’re great. You feel like you’re a family. You never feel like it’s an office.

Interviewer: You nailed all the big ones. Tell me, if someone came up and said, “I’m looking for a new dental practice to go to.” Why would you recommend them coming here?

Katherine: I knew you were going to ask me this. The girls told me. Are you editing this out? Whatever I’m saying. Say that one more time.

Interviewer: Why would you recommend this dental practice to someone who was looking for a new place to go to?

Katherine: Because we are a friendly office, our doctors are very good doctors, dentists. I’m sorry, let me start this over again. Because we’re a very good office, we’re family … Nope, I’m not going to use that. Has anyone else stumped this one?

Interviewer: All the questions stump everybody at some point or another.

Katherine: Okay. All right, here we go again. Because this office offers you to be, not feel … I have to stop. I have to think about this one.

Interviewer: Just let us know when you’re ready.

Katherine: Has anyone stumped one of these and told you to stop?

Interviewer: We’ve got a couple of stops.

Katherine: Oh good. This office offers you know, it’s like a family and the … Oh my God, I can’t believe I’ve stumped, I’ve done every one but this one. Okay, let me think. Okay. This office offers, it’s a friendly office, it offers great doctors to work with, great hygienists, also our assistants, and our front staff is very well qualified employees. We try to make our patients feel like they’re at home and they don’t feel like on edge when they come in here to get treatment done. We offer them finance and help them out as best ways that we can and also offer them in-network insurances as well.

Interviewer: Perfect. Anything else you’d like to add that we didn’t get you to cover?

Katherine: No, no.

Kathy – Treatment Coordinator

Kathy has been in the dental field for 30 years, and has worked at 5 successful practices. As a teenager, she started as a dental assistant, and eventually found her way to the administration side of dentistry. Kathy has been an office manager at previous practices, and currently acts as one of our treatment coordinators. In this position, she helps patients determine and estimate dental benefits for their upcoming treatment. Kathy contacts dental insurance carriers to verify coverage information which helps ensure minimal financial surprises for our patients.

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