Oral Surgery

At Hubbard & Leath Dental, we don’t just offer your family quality dental cleanings and exams, we also offer high-quality oral surgeries at our Rochester Hills, MI office. We are here to remedy the dental problems that can be fixed through oral surgery. You can come to us for your needs in bone grafting, tooth extraction, and wisdom teeth extraction. You can trust us with your family when it comes to oral surgery because of our years of service and care!

Trust Bone Grafts To Restore What’s Been Lost

If you’ve lost teeth in the past and have become a victim of bone loss, you may be a prime candidate for a bone graft procedure! If a lost tooth goes unreplaced for too long, the bone that once surrounded that tooth is in danger of deterioration. The reason that you are in danger of losing this bone is because there is no longer a root attached to a tooth to keep the bone healthy and intact. The bone no longer has a purpose, so it begins to go away.

Having dental implants placed can save you from bone deterioration, but if it is too late, a bone graft can bring back the bone that was lost. Besides improving your appearance and oral health, you may need to have a bone graft to restore the lost bone so that it can support a dental implant. After having your implant placed, you will no longer have to worry about bone deterioration in that area again because the implant will effectively replace the roots of the teeth and keep the bone stimulated and healthy.

Trust Tooth Extractions At Hubbard & Leath Dental

If anyone in your family needs to have a tooth extracted, you can always trust us to carry out the procedure with confidence and care. Your tooth extraction will be taken care of in one visit to our beautiful Rochester Hills, MI dentists office. The reasons for needing to have teeth extracted include:

  • Infection. If teeth are infected to the point that they cannot be saved, they must be removed to maintain proper oral health. If they are not removed, you put yourself in danger of the infection spreading.
  • The risk of infection. In many cases, your dentist will be able to catch an infection before it fully takes over a tooth. If there is nothing that can be done to reverse the infection, the tooth will need to be extracted.
  • A crowded mouth. If you are in line for braces, sometimes you may need to have some teeth removed to prepare your mouth. Also, if a tooth can’t break through the gums because there is not room in the mouth for it, it may need to be extracted.

Benefit From a Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are between the ages of 16 and 30, then you are the perfect age for your wisdom teeth to start causing problems in your mouth. If you start to notice pain near the back of your mouth and are within this age range, consult our top-notch Rochester Hills, MI dentists immediately to see if your wisdom teeth are causing the problem. Let us perform your wisdom teeth extraction at Hubbard & Leath Dental!

Both Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Leath are highly skilled in all phases of general dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry, and active members dental societies like the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Society, and the Oakland County District Dental Society.

For questions about oral surgery at our Rochester Hills, MI dentists office, contact us by calling 248.266.2528 or use our handy online form. We care about your family’s smiles!

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